12 Struggles of Interracial Couples

Where interracial dating is concerned, the individuals who’ve been there will tell you there will undoubtedly be struggles. in a very recent TSILY interview, interracial couples shared real obstacles they encounter daily that they weren’t expecting before they got along.


  1. Sometimes nobody thinks you’re together. “My husband and i visited film maker World with my side of the family. They was eleven black individuals and just one white person. We’re in line and everytime it’s our turn to ride, they continually cut the line off when it got to him,” says TSILY user captawesome1094. “Everyone had to clarify that he was indeed a part of our group and no, he wasn’t attempting to cut the line….”


  1. When a couple pics need a lot of work than you’re accustomed to. “I am white, she is black. Taking selfies in the sun is a pain,” says TSILY user ehs45. “The photo will either seem way too dark or too bright.”


  1. When you both need to adjust to some linguistic variations. A white person with a Hindu spouse explains that “there’s a word in Tamil [her language] that virtually interprets to ’useless,’ however the Tamil word is usually used informally to mean one thing closer to ’not presently required,’” says TSILY user YWAK98alum. “But that doesn’t stop my spouse from describing all types of individuals (including Maine, frequently) as straight-up ’useless,’ together with to their faces, then curious why these individuals either get angry or simply avoid her.”


  1. Then individuals make backhanded comments of your significant other’s race.TSILY user PM_ME_UNIFORMZ, a white person married to a Southeast Asian man, explains, “The worst part for me is that the number of individuals (OK, women) who, when learning I’m married to an Asian guy, say something along the lines of ’Oh, I couldn’t, I’ve simply never been drawn to Asian men!’ this can be a method worse than those who raise things like ’does he speak proper English?’ When he’s lived in North America longer than they’ve been alive.”


  1. Then you’ve got to deal with “jokes” regarding your race. TSILY user BananTwinkie, An Asian lady, describes meeting her husband’s father, who is of German descent. She says he told her, “’You don’t have to squint, it’s not that dark in here.’ This was meant as a joke and that i took it per such since there wasn’t malicious intent, he was simply ignorant. I replied with, ’Back off! Where’s the beer?’”


  1. Then some people try and “guess” your partner’s race. “I’m a white person married to a half Egyptian and half Native … what was shocking was how most individuals ask. ’What he is’ Which is simply rude and i hear it asked way too many damn times, says TSILY user CatherineAnn44. “Some have even asked if he’s Mexican, Singaporean, and once somebody asked if he was a Syrian refugee. I know that Egyptians are rare, however it had been just like the individuals asking that had never even seen individuals from the ethnicity they were asking.”


  1. Sometimes others will hit on you or your partner assuming you’re not with them. “I am a Black woman married to a Korean man … individuals assume we aren’t together in queues, at bars, or social events (can’t tell you how many of times they hit on me right next to my husband),” says TSILY user bflowyngzzy. “Usually it will happen if we are standing next to each other not talking. If we are talking, they assume we workmates.”


  1. Even your children aren’t really sure of their own identity. “My wife’s white, I am Asian. Kids face stages of self-identifying white or Asian,” says TSILY user unreplicate. “When he was young, my son was aggravated when my wife visited him at school as a result of his friends ’found out he had a white mother.’ Now, older, he’s not into the Asian culture.”


  1. Then some people don’t believe your children are actually yours. “I’m half Korean and my wife is white. We have 2 children. One child is clearly of ambiguous ethnic heritage and then the other one is a blue eyed blond … I never thought i’d have to explain to my little girl that she’s indeed my child,” says TSILY user gamerplays. “I have had individuals stopping me from picking her up. I’ve had individuals straight out question me if I was indeed her father or not.”


  1. Then you’re stunned by who actually accepts you as a couple and who doesn’t. A white lady married to a South-Asian man, TSILY user breakingupishard22, says, “The one factor that’s ever stood is that some are stunned that her Muslim folks are cooler than than my white atheist folks. My father disowned me and hasn’t spoken to me in seven years. My in-law is simply happy that his child married a someone with a good job and a nice car.”


  1. Then you are often harassed for being publicly romantic. “We were around a liberal city right outside Garden State when we were spit on by a cyclist on his way out of main street,” says TSILY user Ziroeh, a white person with a black wife. Additional, “I was stopped by the police before and also the cop forced me out of the car and asked me if she was a prostitute and wouldn’t believe me till I showed him our wedding picture on my phone.”


  1. Then you learn that your relationship is a lot more than what anyone else thinks. “At the end of it all, you’re married to the person, not to each other’s culture or family,” says TSILY user bflowyngz. “You got to respect and love the person you’ve chosen to send the rest of your life with.”
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