14 Platonic Relationship Rules to Be Just Friends Without the Drama

Everyone appears to be trying to find love, but there’s absolutely nothing bad with a platonic relationship either. So, here are the rules you require to observe.
I’m going to be sincere. I have actually never ever been buddies with a man where he hasn’t either attempted to make a move, or otherwise made his romantic interest known in some method. I’m sure a number of you can relate. And while it’s lovely, it can likewise be uncomfortable– particularly if the romantic gestures are undesirable on your part.

Naturally, the reverse might be true too. Maybe you’re the one who has a crush on your buddy, but they either aren’t interested, or they are already in a relationship.

Either scenario is challenging. Obviously, there’s always the situation where you are both attracted to each other and on the exact same page, however that does not always take place.

So, how can you have a truly platonic friendship without sexual nervousness and attraction getting in the way? It’s not as challenging as you think.

Guidelines for a platonic friendship

Nobody has in fact composed a book called The Bible of a Platonic Relationship, although that would be hassle-free. So, I think this short article is as close as you’re going to get. Let’s jump right in and look at what you require to do.

1 Be conscious of your words and actions. When a person is crushing on somebody, in some cases it looks like their brain has actually been hijacked. They are so gah-gah that they might not know that they’re humiliating themselves.

So, whether you are the crusher or the crushee, be careful of what you say and do. You do not wish to lead them on, and/or you do not wish to make them uncomfortable. [Read: How to have a completely platonic relationship]

2 Discuss it. Yeah, I understand, you most likely didn’t wish to hear this one. It’s difficult to be vulnerable. But if you have the crush, why not just be sincere and just put it out there? Take a chance– you never ever understand, they may feel the very same way.

Or, if you know they’re crushing on you, however you don’t feel it, possibly politely and kindly raise that you noticed their interest however you just wish to keep it platonic.

3 Establish limits. Once you’ve talked about it and it’s exposed, then you can speak about the borders. Like, perhaps you don’t hang out at each other’s houses and see Netflix.

Because all of us know where that could lead, right? Or perhaps you just hang out throughout the day and not at night. Any border that will help one or both of you resist romantic temptation should be gone over. [Read: 20 apparent signs your friend is totally crushing on you]

4 If you’re wed or in a relationship, be considerate to your partner. Many people don’t like it when their partner has a good friend of the opposite sex. I get it … we all want them to ourselves. Nevertheless, that’s probably unrealistic.

However if you are in a relationship and have a platonic buddy of the opposite sex, do not do anything that would make your partner unpleasant or jealous. Constantly keep it respectful. [Read: Are guy friends nothing however problem for ladies?]

5 No touching. I know, I understand. You’re just a really outbound, friendly, touchy-feely person with everyone. That’s cool– a great deal of people are.

But, if you really wish to have a strictly platonic relationship, then you are going to need to view your touchy-feely-ness. Touching can actually send out a flirty, sexual message if you’re not careful.

6 No “date-like” getaways. I’ve had guy buddies prior to who wish to prepare me supper at their home … and I stated no. Why? Due to the fact that it shouts “date” and “constructing out” and … well, you understand. I understood what their intents were– I wasn’t dumb. So, keep away from things like that. Even motion pictures or dinner can feel like a date. [Read: 16 hush-hush indications your buddy wishes to make love with you]

7 Don’t manipulate your buddy to get them to like you. Okay, so you have a huge crush and you’re having a tough time keeping it a platonic friendship. Well, that does not suggest you need to humiliate yourself trying to get their attention in a romantic method.

Do not attempt to make them envious or dress like a stripper. They’ll simply think you’re unusual, and it might actually turn them off.

8 Treat it like a same-sex relationship. You understand how you behave with your same-sex pals, right? I mean, you’re not touchy-feely and flirty. So, why do you think that would be a good concept with an opposite sex good friend? It’s not. It’s flirting with disaster * no pun planned *. [Read: Sexual tension between buddies– How to manage it like a professional]

9 If you have feelings, it does not indicate you have to act upon them. This is a message especially for the guys out there. Even if she’s good friends with you does not imply that she’s necessarily drawn in to you. Yes, I understand you’re a dude, and you want to conquer all women. However hey, she’s your pal. You must simply keep it at that.

10 Accept that there might be sexual tension. The nervousness might be mutual or one-sided. But possibilities are, it might be inevitable. So, simply accept it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. However just expect it so that you won’t be surprised. [Read: 18 emotional affair indications you most likely didn’t discover]

11 Avoid sexual discussions. I know it’s simple to get into all sorts of sexual conversations, whether it’s with the exact same sex or opposite sex. It’s simply fun. But, it can be a really bad thing to do if you wish to keep a platonic friendship. Just do not go there. Discuss the weather condition if you have to.

12 Do not cozy as much as each other. Although I informed you that you ought to prevent any date-like scenarios, in some cases you’ll forget that. So, it may appear like a good concept to view a movie in the house and have some drinks. However that doesn’t indicate you have to sit next to each other on the sofa and cuddle. Just don’t do it. [Read: 15 cuddle pal guidelines to avoid becoming f * ck friends]

13 Don’t go on vacation together. This might or might not appear obvious. It might appear harmless to go on a weekend trip or a cruise together simply to have some fun. However, if you are going to be sharing a hotel room, well, that can get tricky– even if you have two beds. So, why not just avoid disappearing entirely?

14 Remember the advantages of keeping it platonic. Think it or not, there are a great deal of advantages to keeping it platonic. It’s kind of like having another brother or sister, and that’s type of cool. Sometimes having a good friend of the opposite sex that you can depend on but have no sexual relationship with can be a truly amazing.

Having a platonic friendship is a terrific thing. I understand that it’s hard to ignore the sexual tension, but if you follow these rules, you will do just great!

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