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5 Killer Guidelines for Meeting the Man of Your Dreams

Visit your bookstore’s dating advice segment and you will learn every single trick in the game for catching a man and settling down before he even knows what hit him. Anybody who has essentially tried those guidelines can convey that they come with more than a few unfulfilled promises, maybe in no small part since most of the books are authored by actresses and comics. But professionals essentially study dating like, as an actual science—and they have very good dating advice to Share. From particulars about what to do on the first-date to secrets for boosting your chances, dating professionals share with you their topmost guidelines for finding real love.


1) Talk about yourself less.

Have you ever been on a date with somebody who thinks talking about himself warrants a 2 hour monologue? According to one research, on dates that really go well, individuals talk about themselves for most of the time, leaving many open airwaves for their date to fill. On terrible dates, the balance shifts, with 65% of the attention on one person. (Outside that, its rescue call from the bathroom terrain.)

The point is not to count your words; it is to share a little about yourself while displaying interest in the other individual. “The dates are smoother since people seem friendlier,” says Paul-E , PhD, junior lecturer of psychology. Take dialogue that goes naturally, mix in some flirtation—jokes, smirksbody language—and that should confirm a second date.

2) Be courteous (but smart).

To hit it off with your date, you should find common ground. Research shows that more courteous people tend to have more prosperous dates, most likely since they avoid the feared awkward pause. “Disagreeing is a dialogue killer,” says Eaton. All it says is what the two of you do not have anything in common. Yet, you never want to fake agreement. “There is a way to agree without faking your own belief,” says Eaton. For instance, if the other person says they are a travel nut but you really don’t like to travel much, you can just say it sounds adventurous.

Sure, you can also appear to be too agreeable. If you smile and nod throughout the date, then you would make a really attractive bobble head but you would also be a very boring date. You do want to participate in the conversation, and having a view shows self-confidence.

3) Fish from a small pond.

You know how the Charming Prince invites every-single pretty lady to the ball? Note to Disney: Well that is actually not the best approach. A 2011 research exposed that more potential options is a recipe for information overload, leading us to make choices based on shallow characteristics (For example, Cinderella’s extravagant ball gown). When we have less options, we make better decisions, based on one’s character or career and education, which foresees compatibility. So if you’re looking at online dating profiles, do not spend an entire day looking through 500 potentials. You will probably just end up picking the hottest ones. Rather, explore 10-20 user profiles at once and contact the individual who appears most interesting. You are more likely to find lasting love.

4) Put yourself out there.

Ok we are going to give it to you straight: You will not meet somebody lazing on your couch watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother while eating cake. So as amazing as that sounds, if you want somebody to binge watch shows with, venture outside your flat. Do not turn down prospects. You are likely to meet potentials in the most unexpected of places. If you are open minded, you will be more likely to find that one awesome person in a room full of ransoms. Meeting new people is always nerve-wracking, but it gets easier when you have fun with it.

 5) Test your courage.

This one is not really a dating tip exactly, but rather a life lesson that will make you a woman/man magnet. No matter how irritating your mom is when she nags you about having children, leave partner-hunting in the history books. Do not make meeting a match your mission. Rather get to know yourself first, challenge yourself, do things you have always wanted to do. When you get out there and live life to the fullest, you may even meet someone in the process.

In short: When you embrace your life, others will embrace you too.

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