5 lies women tell men

Here’s a some help for guys to figure out when their woman isn’t being honest with them. With tips on how to decode female behaviour.

Recent study shows that a woman’s face is like an open book that tells her his current state of mind.
But do not take this as the last verdict, irrespective of how much you trust your woman, women do lie to their significant others sometimes.

Sometimes to play out a situation without hurting his feelings or to prevent herself from getting into trouble, while sometimes to contain her emotions and pose as Ms. Goody-Goody, white lies are no big deal for women when she’s playing it safe.

White lies are not big messes or betrayals, but small lies or ‘truth manipulated’ to contain a situation. At times she might lie to make her man feel better, to avoid fighting, or just plain embarrassing situations.

Here’s a little help so men can figure out when their woman is not speaking her mind out and help them handle the situation better.

1. “It’s fine. I’m OK”
Watch out guys! You should know she’s not fine and nothing is OK… at all. And sooner or later you will face all the emotions that she has managed to hold back til this moment. You’ll see her using this emotional defense time to time when you may have forgotten your anniversary or her birthday.

To show that she doesn’t care, the emotional woman opts to take refuge in this lie. Marwah, a software developer admits, “I would rather say ‘It’s OK’ because reacting to this makes me seem like a constant cribber, who always complains. Even though, I want him to go down on his knees and plead for me to forgive him.”

2: “I love you for who/what you are”
I don’t want you to ever change. Well, we’re sorry for you if you fall for this one. Sheer pampering or impressing you might strictly be on her mind when she’s saying this. “I always loved it when my wife would say such things. But gradually things would change and reality set upon me. Sometimes it was my eating that prompted her, while at others it was my style of dressing that she wanted to change. Yet she continued to tell the same lie that she loved me for what I was,” complained Mayuka Shusha, a Kenyan-based advertising agent.

Sure you you do not like this lie, but just think about how you would actually feel if she said to your face she hated your paunch or how bad you looked in those jeans. Thank her instead for taking care of your confidence levels.

I just have to blow his trumpet when he does what is right. It was his qualities after all that I married him for. It also becomes important to boost his confidence sometimes and those words have the right impact,” says Madhu Chandra.

3. You stare, I don’t care!
You’re either lucky to have the coolest woman at your side, or you’re getting an inflated ego for no reason if you actually believe her on this. She might look cool and composed, but the fact is that no woman likes it when her man looks at other woman. “Remember no body wants to feel like second best. And the ‘I don’t care stunt’ is usually to hide the pretense and vulnerability. All women hate their man staring at other woman.

4. Your friends are cool!
This might not always be a lie, but most of the times your friends are more of a ‘passion spoiler’ for your woman, especially when they show up unannounced when you are having a private moment. “Many times we went out with my friends when we had just started dating, and every time I used to ask her, If she was enjoying herself and she would just say, ‘They’re cool!’ I only realised that she didn’t like them as much I thought she did when we were planning another group date then she gave me a piece of her mind. But she could have initially told me,” says Ranjit , a 22 year old student.

“Most times a women will just praise your friends so she doesn’t hurt you by revealing the truth and hope that you’ll understand.

5. Trust me with the truth, I won’t be angry

Okay this one’s very tricky, it leaves you with a ditch on one side and an even bigger one on the other side. This one usually comes at you when she wants your honest opinion and knows what you are going to say, but still wants to hear it from you. Beware gents! Not matter what you’ll say, she is going to give you a tough time for sure. This mostly happens with questions relating to her appearance or looks, the food that she cooks, that lime green t-shirt she brought you etc.

“Sometimes it is tough to call. Once, my wife asked my honest opinion on a very tight pair of pants that she had bought. So, I honestly told her that she was looking like a stuffed pillow then she got mad at me. Taking cues from my past experiences; another time I did my best to flatter her. To my shock, that also made her angry and she blamed me for not being a an honest critic,” complains Sam.

Now it’s your turn to share the little white lies that you tell your man or your woman in the comments section.

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