5 Reasons Celebrity Marriages Fail (and What We Can Learn From Them)

Lately, it seems that celebrities who stay married are more newsworthy than celebrities who get married. Even the stars who seemed to have a real chance to stay together, like Ben and Jen or Gwen and Gwen, split up. But while the stars are not always “Like us!” There are lessons we can learn from their failed relationships.
These are the main reasons why most celebrity weddings fail and how we can prevent these mistakes from occurring in our own relationships.

1. Lack of spending quality time together

Production and touring programs carry celebrities across the country and the world for weeks. It is therefore not surprising that this makes it difficult for them to prioritize their relationship, which becomes a problem in a marriage.

According to NaughtyGossip.com EIC Rob Shuter, “Often, the movies sent get a white shot where they live, so thesis agents are for months at a time. While they’re shooting, they often go back to an empty hotel room. It can be hard to be so lonely … ”

Although it is healthy to have a time away from your partner, it is important that your schedules be synchronized most of the time or you and your partner.

If any of you travel regularly for work, make regular communication and video chats part of your routine. During the days and weeks when you are in the same place, take your calendars and take the time together. Once you are in your relationship, it’s time to disconnect.

2. Massive Egos.

In an association, you should consider the needs and wishes of your partner in addition to yours. This is not always the case with celebrities, who are accustomed to being at the forefront.

Shuter says: “It’s really hard when you have people with a lot of power, fame, money and ego and you put two in a room.

Celebrities who are used to having everyone available to them can get irritated when their partners also demand their attention. It may seem like too much work when they can find others who do not expect so much from them.

While it is important to specify your needs in a marriage, relationships require three things: your needs, the needs of your partner and your needs as a couple.

3. If you do not grow together, you will fall apart

According to Shuter, one of the reasons why celebrity relationships break is that the rules change. He says: “In marriage, most people’s lives generally stay the same, that does not happen with celebrities, a movie or a record can change their lives overnight.

He adds: “As wonderful as these opportunities may appear, it can be very difficult for a girl who did ┬ánot expect to marry the sexiest man of all time. A good example is Bradley Cooper, played a role a very small part in Sex and the City then goes on to become the star of ‘The Hangover’ and it’s a big change. ”

Your partner evolves like you. For this reason, it is essential to keep checking each other to make sure your needs and wants are aligned. Stay curious about your partner and do not assume that they feel exactly the same for your lifestyle or work as when you first met.

4. Constant opportunities

In addition to the fact that celebrities do not lack fans who offer them a good time, many celebrities are placed in a position where they have to do with their attractive and charming colleagues as part of their work.
“Can you imagine if it was okay for you to caress your co-workers, if it was good to go to someone’s office and try to push them?” For the actors, it is not only acceptable but at work it will affect you and you will work with some of the most beautiful people in the world, we are only human … “, says Shuter.
Although we are not in a professional position that encourages us to communicate with our colleagues, we have more opportunities than ever to cross the line. In addition to social networks that offer a private window to flirt and connect, we spend more time away from home. The trap is on the rise for women, especially because of this fact.
If we want to be faithful in our relationships, we must consider if we engage in behaviors with others that would make our partners feel uncomfortable if they were present. If the answer is yes, you may want to re-evaluate our relationships and set more limits.

5. Love should not be dramatic like movies

What makes a great scene in a movie relationship (that is, a man running in the rain trying to find his lover after having done something wrong) creates an awkward scene at a wedding. A healthy marriage requires consistency, not drama.

According to Shuter, “the actors are accustomed to extremes: success and failure”.

Another problem for many celebrities is that they do not consider that falling in love is very different from being in love. After a few years with a person, our brains literally change and we establish ourselves in a much more predictable and stable state together. This is normal, but it can affect someone who wants to pursue the dizzying emotion of the new love.

The good news is that there is a way to have consistency and emotion in your marriage. By regularly presenting new activities.

True love is different from the love of the reel. It is a good thing. A healthy marriage requires that the partners prioritize constantly, communicate openly and treat each other with respect and kindness. True love means that sometimes we come out of the shadows to help our companions shine.

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