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5 Sex Positions That Enhance Emotional Intimacy

No matter how good your sex-life is, there is one thing that all couples could use more of in the bedroom: romance. Building on emotional intimacy throughout intercourse lets couples to experience pleasure in a completely fresh way and feel closer to each other in the procedure. And for long-standing couples whose sex-lives might be on autopilot, creating the passionate intimacy throughout sex can restore their bond.”

That is not to say you must break out tacky music, candles and massage oil (no judgments if that’s your thing). There simple ways to induce that lovey-dovey sensation by alteration your favored sex positions. Here’s five to tryout with tonight.


1 Missionary Position

Man on top is frequently labeled as ho-hum fitting to its low efforts and absence of clitoral interaction, but there’s a purpose as to why this move is a classic. Missionary releases your hands to wander and discover each other’s bodies, lets you make eye contact and allows your man take the lead, which can be extremely exhilarating. Try these fine-tunes to keep things exciting: Lift one leg in the air, or take both knees to your chest. “The position formed by both of these positions will reveal the inward labia and clitoris to consent for direct contact with the base of his penis,” says Patricia Simmons, Ph.D., author of “She Comes First.”


2 Woman on Tummy Position

This style of sex from the back lets your guy to manage the pace and speed of movement whilst you rest—but it’s also extremely intimate. “This spot gets a bad knock since it’s perceived as impersonal, but the sensation of a guy’s body enveloping you can feel comforting and protecting,” says Patricia Simmons. “It is also particularly exhilarating for guys, who, if they sit up in this spot, can look down and view the act up close, which keeps them involved and present.” Just lie flat on your belly with your legs divided and have him gently enter you, gripping your hips or keeping his palms flat on the bed for stability. Then cross your ankles keeping knees bent in a frog like position or slide your legs together for a firmer squeeze. Sophisticated move: Arch your back and lift your hips a few inches over the bed to postulate a firmer fit (insertion a pillow under your belly works, too). If you are not pleased with your clitoris omitted from the action, have your man extend around and physically stimulate you with a little, hand held vibrator, suggests Patricia Simmons.


3 Woman On Top Position (With a Twist)

Unlike typical lady on top, which places you and your man at a distance, having him sit up so you are face to face increases romance: The close vicinity of your lips allows you to kiss and your arms are able to wrap around each other in a partial body hug. To make it work, have him sit in a chair or on the verge of the bed. Then, overlap him with your legs on any side of his hips, gradually dropping yourself onto him. Away from giving him a full figure view, he can physically stimulate your nipples, which, according to Simmons, releases a rush of oxytocin—the affection “love” hormone. You can also tryout different movements: Move in circles to stimulate the whole vaginal wall, back and forth to stimulate the clitoris, or up and down for a much-deeper penetration.


4 Spooning Position

Snuggly and erotic, this position is both mischievous and nice. “The angle of entry affords lots of Gspot stimulation and the feeling of your bodies pushed together feels cozy, as though he’s embracing you from behind,” says Simmons. First start by lying on sideways (he must lie behind you, facing the same way) and then lift your top leg, drawing it back somewhat and resting it over your man’s hip. Let him scooch down with his knees bent, as he enters you. He can grab your hip during sex or move his hands all over your body. “What is great about this spot is that your heads are close plentiful to turn and kiss, and with approach to your back, he can calmly massage your shoulders, letting you to unwind,” says Patricia Simmons.


5 Reverse Spoon Position

Else known as the “I can’t get any closer” spot, spooning face to face is like an intense full-body hug, allowing for deep penetration and abundant intimacy encouraging eye contact. “That is particularly key, since the face is an often overlooked erogenous region,” notes Patricia Simmons. “In this spot, you can stroke each other’s cheeks, kiss the neck or run your fingers into each other’s hair.”  How it works: Lay on the bed confronting each other and binding your arms over his neck, elating your top leg to provide him entry and allowing the leg fall over his hip or scissoring it across his legs, clarifies Patricia Simmons. Keep in mind that shoving may be tough in this spot so move in spherical waves or grind your pelvises jointly for extreme friction.

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