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7 Ways to Make Him Beg for You

So, you love your guy. He loves you. But do you wonder if he still wants you like he did when your romance was fresh? After you pull out a bunch of these tricks, he sure as hell will.

Sure, you want admiration, respect, and the occasional shimmering treat from your one and only man, but more than everything, you want to feel like he still got the hots for you. Well, here’s some good news: As opposed to the commonly held belief that men lose interest in time, specialists now know that men are essentially hardwired for long term lusting.

“It’s actually true, but it is not without conditions,” says Sieff Fernstein, PhD, authorof {Why Can’t You Read My Mind?} “You have to make a calculated effort to activate that desire in him once you are in a relationship since the spur in your bond will not last if you abandon it.” For that reason, it has been discovered the seven-keys to make him long for you tactics that explicitly jump start your man’s desire. Be advised: Once you try them, he will be sticking to you like white on rice.

1. Say the One Word That Drives Him Crazy

As pet names make him feel, they still do not equate to the exciting rush your man gets when you say his name. “Just hearing you say it is an aphrodisiac,” says body language expert Easter Denials, author of Read My Hips. “It wheels up his craving because the communication you send is ‘It is only you am thinking about and no one else.’ And guys love to hear that — it is tied to their original impulse to beat out all the competition.”

Or try yet another trick when he is hitting on you: Just kind of call-out his name to shift his focus completely on to you. “When Sam and I are getting it on, occasionally it seems like he is lost in his own world,” says Catherine, 27. * “But when I call his name, all feels like it gets more intense between us, like it commands him into the moment.”

*The Names have been changed.

2. Reach for the Keys from his Pocket

Well, actually more than just the keys. The lesson here is this: “Never undervalue the power of an unforeseen touch,” says Chand Xiven, PhD. “Just by exciting his nerve endings when he is not ready for it, you generate a positive physical connection that leaves him wanting more.” Better yet, your man subconsciously gets addicted to those brief moments of exhilaration and craves them even when you are not around.

3. Keeping Him Out of the Loop a little

Funny fact about guys is that telling them less about your life makes them chase after you more. So as much as you may want to share the minutiae of your bitchy office or your opinion on the latest Gossip Girl twist, hold it back. “The hard truth is that from his side, that info is overwhelming and uninteresting,” explains Donald Wells, PhD, author of The 7 Love Agreements. “Guys do not have the capacity to bear large amounts of detail. That is why they do not give you the minute-by-minute happenings of their lives.”

So to nail him in, when you are conversing, give him the end of the story first. For example, “I got the hired” or “I saw your friend Cedrick,” then stop and wait. You have got his attention, now let him extract the details he is dying to know from your story.

4. Make Small Changes with Big Results

Catharine, 27, had done her hair in the past that her man did not notice at all, but when she had her brunette crown splashed red, he was all over her. “Michael could not stop touching me — he could not believe he was playing around with a redhead,” she says. The reason her new hair made him crazy: “Guys register noticeable changes to your appearance, and it pulls them in,” says Lara Suckley, PsyD. “Adding novelty will keep his yearning for you strong.”

5. Complimenting Him (The Right Way)

Even though men do not fish for flattery does not mean they do not love ego boosting. “More than anything, guys love the feeling of being wanted,” says Burney. “When a guy hears admiration from his spouse, it indicates that she is actually attracted to him, which further increases his feelings for her.”

6. Give Him a Sensory Flashback

Remember when you first fell for your man. What reminds the both of you of time (apart from the feeling you had every time when the phone rang)? Figure it out and you have found the secret to conjuring up that new love feeling. “When he encounters something that he links with falling in love with you, those intense, physical memories activate a constructive physical reaction and produce instant desire,” says Burney.

7. Give him a little Competition

Lust works in weird ways. Get this: If you want to renew your partner’s desire for you, cleverly capture the eye of another man. “Guys do become more observant and turned on by their woman when they see them wanted by other guys,” says Ted. Amy, 28, knows all about this shocking tactic: “When Am dressed up and men at the club check me out, I know his thinking… She is with me, suckers! ” she says. “And he is certainly clingier when he can see the competition.”

Create Mystery

Men are explorers by nature. The less you tell him, the more he will want to know. That’s why you temper his curiosity when you do not initially reveal your deepest thoughts.

Build Anticipation

Delaying sex makes your man daydream about you more. When you tease him with an erotic text or the promise of sex, his mind runs wild.

Give him Space

Guys want what is out of their reach. If you are not accessible to him 24/7 and you have a busy life outside the relationship, he starts to miss you.

Your Scent

Biologists say the reason your scent turns him on is because smell is one of the utmost primeval senses — it explores the direct path to the brain’s limbic lobe, where it can indorse an emotional reaction.

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