Can a man and a woman really have a strictly platonic relationship? (Non Sexual)

What is a platonic relationship and how can you benefit from it? Here’s how to keep a friendship strictly platonic and benefit from it.

So can a man and a woman really have a strictly platonic relationship? Can a platonic relationship be a friendship that is embraced by both parties, without physical intentions involved? Maybe in the past when men and women did’t work as much together or socialise. Nowadays men and women can have a good friendship with an unspoken rule that nobody crosses that line. A platonic relationship can be a good way of boosting your confidence while also understanding the opposite sex. As men and women spend lots more time together, platonic relationships are increasing and both sexes are learning about the kind of support that they get from each other.


The meaning of a platonic relationship is when a man and woman have a relationship which is based on pure friendship, with no sexual intentions. It’s a relationship where there’s no attraction from both sides, no sexual expectations, jealousy or complications that can usually come with romantic relationships. The platonic relationship is all about honesty, support and the normal important attributes of a good friendship. There’s no pressure because both parties don’t have any sexual intentions, rather they are able to talk about their own love relationships with each other, mostly like getting good advice from somebody of the opposite sex.


Normally, because a platonic relationship is with two people of the opposite sex, then most people will surely be aware that some rules have to be put in place to avoid ruining in the friendship. Curtain rules or guidelines need to be in place in a case where one person’s feelings change towards the other. These rules do not necessarily have to be verbally spoken but rather can just be shown in your actions. Here’s a few helpful tips:
BOUNDARIES: Know and keep your boundaries! You could talk about the boundaries together but it may be awkward, so it might be better to just show your boundaries in though your actions. For example, some platonic relationships may not have an issue with sharing a bed after a party, fully trusting the other person to not make a move, whereas some people may feel uncomfortable and choose to sleep or stay elsewhere.
ATTRACTION: Right from the start you may find your friend attractive, or you may start getting attracted to them once you get to know them more. Finding somebody attractive does not mean that you need to act on it, and admitting you are attracted to them when they do not feel the same way, could bring unease in the friendship.
EMOTIONS: Keep your emotions in check and do not let your jealousy or any other feeling get in the way of your friendship. These feelings meant for a love relationship, but please remember that this is just friendship.
FLIRTING: Flirting with the other person is a no-go area unless you’re sure it will be reciprocated. Avoid putting them in uncomfortable situations as it will definitely ruin your friendship, especially if they have no romantic feelings towards you.
DON’T GOSSIP: You must remember men take lot longer to display their feelings, so if he tells you something that is private, keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone! This will make him to trust you even more.


A platonic love is an expression used when a platonic friendship has evolved into something more, having a an advanced meaning and depth to it. There is a mutual love and respect for each other, same as how you might feel about your best friend, but still with no sexual interaction from both of you. Platonic love is very special in such a way that the other person will now give you a better understanding of the opposite sex and discussions about relationships may be more reviling. It is said that platonic relationships can actually give people more confidence in themselves and teach them how to relate better with the opposite sex. Others say that it is a bit like a strong sister/brother relationship, without the usual influencing family problems.


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