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Do you want to know how to predict if your partner will cheat?

Do you want to know how to predict if your partner will cheat? Look at your forehead for a long time. After about 10 seconds, when your intense gaze really starts to flip, stop. Now, what have you seen? Apart from some beads of sweat (and maybe a new wrinkle or two), probably nothing. However, the fact that men have not been born with “tricks” printed in red on their foreheads does not mean that they can not assess their propensity for infidelity. A new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, a man’s personality is more likely to indicate potential infidelity with respect to religion, marital status or particular, éducation.En, researchers found those who take risks, men with anxiety for sexual performance and those who are sexually aroused easily are more likely to cheat. In contrast, women in the study were more likely to be unfaithful when they were not satisfied with their relationship or felt sexually incompatible with their partner. “All kinds of things predict infidelity,” said Robin Milhausen, a sexuality researcher and co-author of the study, in a press release. “What this study says is that when you put all these things together, for men, the characteristics of the personality are so strong that they bounce off the rest of the model.” So in addition to sending your significant future or another in a Myers-Briggs personality test? Can you really predict if your partner will cheat? The answer is no, but that does not mean that you can not make a highly educated assumption. “Personality traits are not necessarily directly related to sex, they could be key indicators,” said Ian Kerner, a sexuality advisor and the author of “She comes first.” “I have observed in my own practice that emotional seekers and men who need a greater degree of stimulation have a high potential for infidelity, and forging their way through their relationship does not mean that they do not show the qualities of a risk taker. Even reckless driving, such as speed and aggressive maneuvers, could be exciting, Kerner added.Clues about your partner’s potential for deception can also appear in the bedroom.For example, if you want to introduce porn, sex toys and Sexual fantasies can be indicative of a healthy sexual relationship, a strong and implacable need of the above could be a symptom of someone who is more inclined to err.Sexual dysfunction sufferers, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, also tilt the scales as a predisposition to infidelity. “They may feel humiliated, blame their partner and withdraw completely,” said Kerner, who He added that they are likely to end up cheating to hide their problem in a situation where the stakes are not so high. risk situations to help them get excited, “Milhausen said in the press release.” Or they may choose to have sex with a partner outside of their usual relationship because they feel they have ‘outside’ if they are not doing well, they do not have to see them again. “At the end of the day, none of us has a crystal front to look at, leaving relationships and loves as the greatest leaps of faith. Understanding the fundamental roles of personality and genetics in human behavior is a step in the right direction. It can provide some of the tools we need to try to get around infidelity, but it is up to people to communicate with their partner to determine when these problems occur. “If you do not try to control it and encourage you to talk about how you feel, during the time in which you will be able to tell what kind of character you have “said Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. (also known as” Dr. Couple “) psychotherapist and author of the book” Money, sex and children: stop fighting in three things can ruin your marriage. ”

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