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How To Get A Good Workout Out Of Sex

If you have trouble getting to the gym, you may consider replacing these missed sessions with “just” time with your partner. Sex is an excellent way to circulate blood while working in certain muscle groups. Of course, it depends on how long your partner can go. Take a look at these positions that could possibly work as a workout.

While this may seem like the most lazy position in your life, you can do more. Use it as a basic muscle training. As your partner pushes you, have an equal and opposite thrust back. You can also put pressure on your buttocks every time you get up.
If you want to expand your flexibility, you can do it by lifting your legs towards the back of your ears. Your partner will surely be excited.

Doggy style
Do you want to work on the muscles of your trunk? While you support yourself, make a conscious effort to bring your navel to your back. You will also work your quadriceps and your buttocks as you prepare for the impact. If you want to put your hands on a wall, it will help you exercise your upper body and shoulders.

Let’s make your blood! You can place your flat feet on the bed or bend your legs behind you. This will help you flex your lower abs and pelvic muscles.

This position will require the strength of the upper leg. You can alternate your legs to focus on strengthening one leg at a time. If you wrap both legs around your partner, you will need the strength of the arm to get up.

This position will work throughout the body. You should work on strengthening your arms, trunk and legs. It is also an excellent stretch for the body.

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