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How To Know If What You’re Feeling Is Love At First Sight

According to, nearly 35% of singles professed experiencing love at first sight. Guys tend to report it more often than women (41% to 29% respectively). However how do we actually understand it’s not simply desire or another fleeting sensation?

According to a recent Journal of Social Psychology research study, males state they experience falling in love faster than women, which makes the Match findings all the more credible. One description behind why it occurs more frequently to males than ladies? They’re more visual, experiencing responses based on what they see in front of them.

So, how do you know it’s love at very first sight? Here are the common things to look for according to Match.

1. You feel butterflies in your stomach
This may seem a bit cliche, but it holds true. Are you unexpectedly a little queasy, and it seems like a bout of excellent stress and anxiety? We know there’s a gut-brain connection, so when your brain is in overdrive, it translates to the instinct. You’re delighted, and your body is responding!

2. You latch on to the charming quirks
Are you discovering how cute they consume? Is ‘cute consuming’ even a thing? It might be if you’re in love! If you’re hanging on to the parts of them that stand apart in a way that others may discover annoying, you effectively could be in love. You’re more ready to overlook the peculiarities as annoyances and accept them as something unique about the specific you’re immensely brought in to.

3. You want to know EVERYTHING about them
You can’t get enough of them. You want to know their life story, and you’re curious to discover what makes them tick.

4. Does it feel like you’ve understood them your entire life?
Speaking with them is simple and easy. It looks like you’re on the same wavelength and like you’re childhood friends catching up.

5. They’re the only individual you see
It’s a big bar or restaurant, but your eyes are locked on them at all times. Under regular situations, you might notice the things going on around you, but whatever looks like a blur around them when you’re in a discussion.

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