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How your online image affects your love life

People on online dating sites put themselves in the most positive light, sometimes to a deceptive degree. A ton of personal priming happens with photographs, where you can choose the most flattering photos and retouch them. It may not be surprising that online photographers used older photos to look younger, or photos posted from a low-resolution digital camera (for a more forgiving skin appearance), discovered Toma and Hancock in a study from Cornell University. A similar online dating study showed that 81% of women and men deviated from the truth on facts like their age or size. But when it comes to Facebook, it’s a different story. the world. It would be harder to get away with Facebook. I think you would be caught if you were too far from reality, “says Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Vazire. Think about it, your friends see everything you publish. If something does not sound or look good, they’ll say it!
A note on “Track Profile”

Have you ever seen a message “click here to see who is looking at your profile” on Facebook? These are fake! However, on LinkedIn, you can choose to allow others to see you have visited their profile.
So you can not pretend on Facebook, but you can always put your best face forward.’s online dating site compiles research on profile pictures that receive the most messages – and this is not just the most attractive people. Some expressions are more catchy than others. Watching flirty “off the screen” is not as inviting as making direct eye contact with the camera and smiling. With the guys, a smile does not attract as many messages as with women. For guys, it’s actually more favorable to look away from the camera and not smile. It looks mysterious. Let’s say, lets show your beautiful personality! At least on Facebook, it is already the case.

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