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Huge Age Gap with Your Partner? You Better Call A Divorce Lawyer

Huge Age Gap with Your Partner? You Better Call A Divorce Lawyer

Age might seem like just no big deal, but as a recent study puts it, that age-gap may have a greater effect on your marriage than expected.

In a recent study from Cornell University, scientists surveyed over 4,000 married individuals in the to gain some understanding into the association between how wedding expense affects marriage duration. They also looked at other possible marriage-prolonging or marriage-dooming factors, like how long a couple dated before getting married, the size of the wedding, and if they go on a honeymoon or not.

Here are some of their findings:

  • More money poured on the engagement ring and wedding amplified the chance of divorce.
  • The size of the wedding might determine the probability of divorce.
  • Couples that go on a honeymoon are 41% unlikely to split.
  • The greater the household income the more unlikely a couple will divorce.

One thing in particular grabbed our attention, thanks to The-Atlantic, was how the age gap between partners related to the possibility of divorce. To help envision the data, data researcher Mr R Olson created this chart:

This does not mean being the same age as your partner guarantees zero chances of divorcing — just that as the age gap gets widens, the probability of divorcing goes up considerably. Couples who are 11 years or more apart are 40% more likely to divorce, and couples 29+ years apart are 172%! More likely to divorce. Maybe that clarifies why Billy J and Katie, who were 34 years apart, could not make it.

It makes a lot of sense for millennials—all the other age brackets hate you anyway, so there is possibly not much of a chance you and someone from a different age group could make it for the long term! But do not panic. If you can remember from middle-school science, association doesn’t essentially mean causation.

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