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Khloe Kardashian’s Surprisingly Simple Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Khloe Kardashian has been one of my preferred member of the Kardashian family. She is honest, fearless to laugh at herself, and has tried her best to keep a smile on her face even when going through big personal issues —Khloe has been a knockout at every size and shape, but recently she has been showing off a particularly fit body that has got the everyone talking. At a recent visit to radio station Fitzy&Wippa, she shared her top secret to looking and feeling awesome:

“I have made huge cutbacks. I used to love fizzy-drinks. So i cut out fizzy-drinks totally and I’ll usually drink iced tea or water for most of my day. I made that a lifestyle. I will do like one thing, for a month. I will just cut something off bit by bit, and then it just develops into a part of your life. I do not even think about it…

All diets are weird. I think in life changes when you think-of-something long term, you do it well. If you just have to eat this way for one week, it does not help you for the long term.”

I totally agree! When we keep habits for the long-term, we are more likely to find viable health rather than bouncing through a series of funny diets. A huge reason many individuals fail at committed diets or other life-altering resolutions is that we try to take on way too many new habits at once, then get encumbered and shut down completely. Trying a new habit every month is a good way of being certain that every fit exercise you’re applying has the potential to reinforce its self into a repetitive action and becomes second nature.

Quitting fizzy-drinks seems like such a seamless way to start — both diet and normal fizzy-drinks have unfriendly effects on our bodies and can even make our minds vague thanks to the sugar rush feeling from normal fizzy-drinks and the headaches that sometimes supplement a can of Diet Coke.

Even though Khloe might have a personal trainer on call, at the end of it all, she has found her way to health by making the types of adjustments that your average every girl might do just the same.

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