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Ladies, please do not entertain these kind of guys in 2018

  • ladies, you do not have to pretend to like somebody to please others. I am sick and tired of girls having to apologise for having such high standards.
  • It’s okay to have a few boxes to check off before you make up your mind if that dude who’s been texting you non-stop is worth the time and effort.

If that’s coming across as narrow minded, then so be it. Life is too short to waste on hopeless guys who are not just worth your time. Maintaining very high standards for the guys you get associate yourself with means you hold very high standards for yourself as well and as you may know, the guy you go out with is an image of who you really are. As we enter 2018, get into the dating world without having the need to apologise for turning down these types of guys: ​

Guys you are NOT physically attracted to

Sorry ugly guys, No spark, no date. That simple. If you get turned on by men who have the body and style of Will Smith then by all means, hold out for your Will Smith. I am one of those who do not believe that physical attraction can grow over time. From the start, it’s either there or not. You must not feel bad for rejecting a man who does not make your heart burn with desire, no matter how funny, nice or rich.

Guys who aren’t successful in life
Again… you should not apologise for being attracted to guys with status and wealth. No girl that is worth somthing wants to have to do anything with losers. If the man chasing after you does not have a good job or any intention of looking for one, he is probably not going to make much of himself and he is most certainly not worth your energy. Please don’t be afraid to associate yourself with success. Successful guys are good for more than just money.

Guys who do not want to spend money on you
A guy might be successful but if he has hesitations about spending his money on you, he’s not worth your time. You are a woman and it goes without saying; the man in your life should treat you as such. He should not make you feel like a gold-digger for expecting your him to spend money on you. I have always believed that if a man is greedy with his money, likewise he will be greedy with this time, emotions and affection.

Guys who are not intelligent
It’s good to date a guy you can have intellectual conversations with. If you consider yourself a true lady of above average intellect, you would not be wasting your time with guys who are not smart. You need a guy of at least similar if not higher intellect to have an intellectual conversation with. There is more to talk about, more to learn from, more in common and not to mention smart guys are tremendously sexy.

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