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Learn Your Magic Sex Number

Sex perks are dependent on how many times you do it. Check your magic sex number according to your sexual activity.

Once a Week: For Your Weight Loss

Sex stimuluses your brain to produce oxytocin, which can recover your sleep. And more sleep can mean massive weight loss. Sleep regulates hunger related hormones ghrelin & leptin, enabling you say no to seconds.

Twice a Week: For Your Sniffles

People who do it 2 or 3 times a week have 30% more immunoglobulin A proteins, which defend against sickness, in their system than others do, a study accounts. The scientists say the relaxing, mood boosting effects of sex may play a part in maintaining your health.

Three Days a Week: For Your Heart

It is certainly more fun to jump on a guy than an elliptical, but both support your ticker. Sex boosts heart rate and bloodflow. Individuals who do it 3 times a week might see their risk for a deadly heart attack split in half, a study from the University of NYE confirms.

Four Days a Week: For Your Skin

Pairs who do it habitually look 5 to 8 years younger (per study volunteers asked to guess couple’s ages) than those who have less sex, experts at the R.E. Hospital in Scotland account. Might be because sex increases human growth hormone, which may reduce body-fat and smooth skin, the study authors stated.

Five Days a Week: For Your Outlook

Regular sex is linked with amplified optimism, energy, concentration and ingenuity. So even when you are not rolling around in bed, you could feel more optimistic and have a happier relationship. Plus, all that concentration and inspiration could help you accomplish more at work.

Six Days a Week: For Your Brain

If you want to be a smarty pants, you have to drop your pants…as often as you can. Pat on the back if you get sex 6 times a week, but even one booty bounce is beneficial for your brains. Whenever you have sex, it surges blood flow to the brain, producing hormones that may increase your intellectual volume. Surprisingly It may even produce new brain cells!

Seven Days a Week: For Your Mood

Ok we are officially impressed if you are getting it on every single day. That’s impressive even if you are not, nonetheless, getting down can help de-stress. Consistent sex can decrease anxiety, since the endorphins it creates.

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