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More Money More (Marriage) Problems

How important is money to you? This answer means a lot to your relationship.
In a study of 1,734 married couples, those who said “I do not care about money” were absolutely right not to be able to buy at least one stable and happy marriage. These non-materialistic couples measured about 10 to 15% more in various dimensions of their materialistic counterparts.

It turns out that these materialistic couples had more money, but they were better economically. Having two materialistic people in the relationship was significantly worse than having a single materialistic partner.

Money hungry couples are more likely to have poor communication and conflict resolution. Because? In addition to struggles against money, author Jason Carroll suggests that partners can spend more time on assets than on the relationship itself.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to diminish materialism in your relationship. Gratitude is associated with well-being and some research shows a connection between gratitude and less materialism.

“Dr. Markman, Ph.D., psychologist and counselor, focuses on your relationship with your community rather than on yourself.

People may be grateful for their financial situation, recognizing that certain circumstances and external events have helped them do a lot of things. Gratis people also realize that when they do something less than great (without getting this bonus), it’s not just because of a flaw in their character. Applying this same mentality to your partner avoids some passionate arguments.

An important first step is to try to cultivate more gratitude in your life in general. “It’s about connecting to everything else,” says Dr. Markman. In addition, experiences with your partner are a way to inject energy into your relationship. Go camping or volunteer at your local shelter. And the research says that it is also good to buy experiences: this leads to more happiness than the purchase of material goods.

“There are all kinds of experiences you could buy,” says Dr. Markman. Suggest organizing an event with your friends, such as organizing a concert at home.

This could be great for your relationship because many couples catch up with their group of friends. Valuing your time with friends and approaching you. .

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