Natural Breast Augmentation

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Kourosh Tavakoli describes the crucial elements to a natural looking breast enhancement.
The variety of breast enhancement procedures is increasing, and the need for natural-looking breasts is paramount. A well-augmented breast has a natural fullness, with gentle sloping of f the chest wall. There must be natural cleavage without webbing between the breasts and only a particular quantity of perkiness.
There are three main telltale signs of abnormal breast augmentation:
Implant margin – It ought to be soft and imperceptible, as apparent implant edge presence, specifically in the midline, will resemble the ‘Tori Spelling’ look.
Implant size – An implant that is too big for a little frame is a dead giveaway. The very best example of this would be ‘Pamela Anderson’ breasts.
Perkiness – An increased breast that is too perky will tend to look fake, as a percentage of droop is natural. When the client lies on their back the implants must roll to the side like natural breast tissue and not sit up like mountains.
Before having surgical treatment, it is advantageous for the patient to evaluate photographic examples of the breasts they would like, and to communicate their wants to the cosmetic surgeon so there is a clear, visual understanding of the desired result.

There are 5 main scientific parameters on initial consultation:

  1. Patient’s body develop and height
  2. Breast size, shape and symmetry
  3. Nipple position in r elation to the breast
  4. Chest wall shape and dimension
  5. Client’s desire for cup size and shape.

After developing the vital parameters in the clinical examination, the process of tailor-making the ‘best’ breast augmentation starts. There are 5 factors to consider when customising a breast augmentation to gain a natural-looking result:
Incision positioning
There are three choices about where to make the skin cuts for breast enlargement. They can be in the breast fold (inframammary), around the nipple (periareolar) or beneath the arm (transaxillary). These cuts can all produce scarring. Although patients voice some preliminary issues about the place of their scars, they are eventually much more worried with the last shape and size of their breasts.
Implant shape
The option of implant shape varies from round to teardrop. The round implant comes in both low- and prominent ranges. About 50 percent of patients in my practice end up with round implants. Since I prefer putting the implant in a sub-muscular pocket in a lot of patients, implant edge visibility in the upper pole of the breast is not a significant issue. The round implant tends to be perfect for those patients with good shape who prefer a straightforward enhancement. Use of the teardrop (anatomical) shape depends on the patient’s desire as well as her body shape. The shape variation remains in the width and forecast of the implant for any provided size. The spectrum of implants readily available to the cosmetic surgeon can for that reason provide excellent versatility in attaining a more natural appearance. In general, there are two groups of women who take advantage of teardrop shaped implants. First of all, the teardrop range is ideal for ladies who have saggy breasts. Mild elevation of the nipple in relation to the breast mound can be attained without the need for additional scars on the breast. Secondly, some patients particularly desire less fullness in the upper quadrant. Teardrop implants offer less fullness in these particular situations. Bear in mind that this demand tends to be very individual as the majority of females are looking for breast augmentations in order to get upper pole fullness.
Implant fill
I utilize both the cohesive silicone-gel and saline-filled implants. The brand-new generation silicone-gel implant is extremely safe and in general it feels and looks more like a natural breast. Most breast enhancement operations in Australia are carried out with siliconegel implants.
Implant size
I ask patients to attempt various implant sample sizes at the time of assessment. The samples are put on top of the breast and the patient uses a larger bra to hold it in location. The patient is motivated to bring their partner or close member of the family for the sizing treatment. Although it is difficult to have every implant sample available for the assessment, I attempt to keep a big selection of samples of differing shapes and sizes, so patients can attempt as numerous implant sizes as required prior to making their final decision.
Implant position
The next factor to consider is where to put the implant. It can be put either on top of or behind the muscle. In general I prefer to put implants behind the muscle so they are partly covered. The muscle allows a good, smooth takeoff from the chest wall. If put straight on top of the muscle the breasts can look like rounded balls on the chest, which is another certain free gift. In women with droopy (ptotic) breasts, I use a dual pocket strategy of dissecting both on the top and beneath the pectoral muscle, however placing the implant behind the muscle. There are several combinations of the above factors to consider. To attain a natural-looking enhancement, the cosmetic surgeon must be competent in choosing the very best options for each individual client in addition to performing the surgery.

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