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Now You Can Hire Help To Plan a Picture-Perfect Marriage Proposal

Couple from Sydney, Andrew and Imogen had been courting for 8 years before he finally asked her to marry him.

“We had been dating for a very long time – going on 8 years now,” Imogen told 9Honey. “we just when I was 19 and he was 25. We essentially met at the gym where he was a private trainer.”

Friends and family were starting to interrogate when they would take the next step in their relationship, Imogen, 29, was not concerned. Andrew was schooling to be a chiropractor and the pair were busy structuring their lives.

Andrew waiting for Imogen at surprise venue. Image: My Proposal Co.

“In that many years and going back to university and studying, everybody said, ‘When are you going to ask her to marry you?’ It’s one of those things where they do want to make it the picture-perfect day and it’s a lot of stress.”

“When it came to the proposal he really was anxious to ask me, and I think he just needed everything to be so smooth, so he took every effort to make that daydream a reality, and I’m also amazingly hard to surprise.”

Andrew emailed My Proposal Co. previously for help to plot the perfect, adoring moment through which to ask Imogen to marry him.

The agency was created by Gloria Gammo and Tania Alaee after Tania’s partner asked Gloria for help in arranging a flawless marriage proposal.

“All he knew was what she would want but he couldn’t find an agency to help him,” Gammo said.

The agency focuses wholly on marriage proposals and suiting the romantic moment to the expected bride’s precise likings.

Imogen mentioned she had no idea what was happening till she saw Andrew standing under fairy lights. Image: My Proposal Co.

“We just love doing the romance side and creating ideas for men and pulling off astounding proposals,” she said. “They believe we are the best since we are going to make them look so good to their (fiancé to be).”

Imogen says Andrew’s organization of her proposal was nothing short of a surreptitiousness mission.

“He abstracted me by booking me a surprise holiday to Japan,” Imogen said.

“It was like a undercover task and literally between him, my friends and my mum –  they did not even tell dad, he asked for my hand in marriage but he had to do that 6 months out since my dad is an awful liar.”

On the day of the proposal, Imogen said her best friend Jackie planned for her to have her hair and makeup done, saying she wanted to take her out for a late birthday lunch.

“I think that entire week they had been organizing the proposal together. They even switched each other’s names in their mobile phones. I think they really tried not to blow the surprise,” she said.

The couple will marry in Q4 of 2018. Image: My Proposal Co.

“She was actually insistent for me to wear this one dress,” Imogen recalled. “We drove to Cremona point and parked the car. The entry had been blocked off for us to pull into.”

Jackie proposed she and Imogen have their photo taken by the bridge, considering as they both looked so good.

“As I started walking right over that bridge at Cremona Point everybody started clapping.”

The next thing Imogen observed was a camera shooting everything, but she was so confused by the fact a mob of strangers was clapping for her that she still didn’t understand what was happening.

“Then I looked down and saw my gorgeous man of 9 years standing beneath, stunning fairy lights and my favorite song playing softly – ‘Say What You Need To Say’ by John Mayer,” she said.

Imogen marched down and Andrew got on one knee and asked her to marry him.

She said ‘yes’.

“It was the most incredible night,” Imogen said. “We then went to a restaurant ”

“Andrew told me the other day, he has done the proposal now the wedding is up to me.”

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