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Sex with an Ex: Are Post-Relationship Hookups a New Normal?

It’s not you, it’s me– yet we can still make love, right? For young people, ending a connection does not always imply ending affection. And according to a new research study in the Journal of Teen Research, those on-again, off-again partnerships could account for a great deal of the behavior behind today’s viewed “hook-up” culture. Ends up the allegedly casual sex young people are having might not be so no-strings besides.

What’s the Deal?
Sex with an Ex: Are Post-Relationship Hookups a New Regular?
The study analyzed the connection experiences of 792 young adults (ages 17-24) from a range of ethnic and socioeconomic histories in Toleda, Ohio. Scientist looked for 2 forms of “partnership churning”: settlement with an ex-spouse, as well as sex with an ex-spouse after a break up had actually occurred. Around 44 percent of people who had been in a partnership in the previous two years had separated as well as resolved with at least one ex. More than a quarter of the individuals reported having sex with an ex lover in the previous 2 years. Just under fifty percent of all research study participants experienced at the very least one kind of relationship churning, and participants determining as black or “other” were more probable to report the behavior.

According to Dr. Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Aide Professor of Sociology at the College of Wisconsin at Milwaukee as well as a researcher behind the study, the habits is possibly much more common than their results recommend. “Because our analyses just make use of data on participants’ present or most recent partnerships,” Halpern-Meekin stated over the phone, “we’re likely under-representing the opportunities of arising grownups everexperiencing a settlement or sex with an ex lover.” So individuals that hadn’t remained in enchanting partnerships in the previous 2 years weren’t consisted of in the research study, even though they might have experienced reconciliation or “ex lover sex” prior to that time framework.

Why It Matters.
In the beginning glimpse, the research could suggest connections amongst today’s young people are tumultuous, unforeseeable, and also many absolutely hot and cold. However prior to we use this study to sustain the notion that true love is dead, it is necessary to put things in perspective. Partnership churning is clearly typical, however it can likewise be a normal component of young adult advancement. And according to Halpern-Meekin, reconciliation and having sex with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend could likewise aid make up what some sociologists call the increase of casual sex and also hook-up culture. “The outcomes of research studies that consider one-night stand indicate that what we consider as “one-night stand” might not really be so casual … A few of the cases regarding having a hookup culture could be overblown; a lot of it might be individuals proceeding a sexual partnership after they break up.”.

Obviously, partnership churning isn’t without its risks. On a psychological level, the researchers suggest sex with an ex-partner might have some specifically unfavorable effects. Continuing to make love with an ex post-breakup can further emotional connections with that person, which could make creating brand-new relationships harder in the future. Exes who maintain having sex with each other could likewise go to greater threat for STIs or unplanned pregnancy if they, for instance, choose to abandon prophylactics despite the fact that they are no longer virginal.

Inevitably, the influences of relationship churning will certainly differ significantly from one pair to another. Halpern-Meekin and also her team are presently servicing an additional research to check out whether specific consider connections– such as residential physical violence– associate to a greater rate of spinning (results so far suggest that they do). What this research gives us is some fundamental understanding right into exactly how commonplace connection churning is for young people. If you’re in the midst of a relationship that’s verifying hard to shake, you’re most definitely not the only one.

Have you ever before reconciled or had sex with an ex-spouse? Do you think it threatens behavior? Allow us know in the comments below.

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