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Sexual expectations can affect the satisfaction of your love life

Women are more likely than men to understand that the right sex requires work. The data suggest that sexual satisfaction to get more work for women, and their experience may be the reason why women in sexual growth are higher than men. Confirms that work plays a role in improving sexuality and that a growing relationship may indicate that women are more likely to have long-term relationships.

These are the results of a new study by psychologists at the University of Toronto. Their findings may be particularly revealing to those who believe that traditionally they maintain the concept of romantic philosophies as “twin souls”.

Attitudes towards gender can make or break romantic relationships. A happy sex life in a long-lasting relationship is more dependent on hard work than mere “sexual speculation” that “twin souls” will always appreciate the romantic sparks of Saeed Jessica Maxwell, lead author of a new study.
“People who believe in sexual destiny, their sex lives are a barometer of how their relationship works, and they believe in room problems in the relationship, like problems in general,” said Maxwell.
“While people who believe in sexual growth can not only work with them, they also believe in their sexual problems, but they do not allow it to affect their satisfaction with relationships,” he added.
The study analyzed heterosexual and homosexual relationships. They discovered that the 1,900 people studied belonged to two camps: those who believe in “sexual destiny” and those who understand the need for sexual growth.
The bridal phase of a relationship lasts two to three years for people in both groups. Second, long-term relationships come up against a difficult time. “We know that sex disagreements are inevitable over time,” added Maxwell. “Your sex life is like a garden, and it should be watered and neat to maintain it.”
Sexual problems are normal, and seeking help from counselors and couples to solve sexual problems is also a very common behavior, University of Toronto psychologists said. Those who have great faith in “sexual desolation” may need help in particular.

“Sexual Destiny Beliefs have many similarities to other dysfunctional beliefs about sex and I think it’s important to recognize and treat them,” says Maxwell.

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