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Study: Ladies Feel More Romantic On A Full Stomach

One more cause to order that special dessert she loves.

A new study from scientists at Oxford University offers some advice to support you taking your woman to lunch today. They have discovered that Women are likely to feel romantic on a full stomach.

The research, published in the online newsletter Appetitesounds a lot interesting – doctors fed ladies and showed them “romantic pictures,” then measured their levels of brain stimulation. Women with a past of dieting, who are the most at risk for impending obesity, also had the strongest reward response to the food. They also had stronger responses to “exceedingly palatable” food like chocolate cake, as divergent to “neutral foods” like carrots. Hmm, chocolate makes women feel more romantic than carrots? Thank you, university.

Women with a history of dieting have formerly been proven to react “more dramatically” to food. This research proves those facts, as well as a “common neurocircuitry for food and sex.” If you’re not a calorie counter, don not worry – females who had not once dieted were also feeling the romantic moods after their chocolate cake.

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