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The Male Birth Control Pill-It’s Happening, Guys!

A male contraceptive pill seems to have something more in common with unicorns and flying pigs than reality, but it turns out that many contraceptives for men are happening. Research teams across the country are competing to develop male contraceptives in the form of contraceptive pills, topical gels, implants or injectables. According to a recent report by the New York Times, there are at least four contraceptive options for men currently in development. Some of these potential methods of birth control have been discovered by accident, as a side effect of medications created to treat other ailments. Cases in question: the University of Washington is working on a drug originally intended to cure the disease. Worm infections (raw, we know), but inadvertently caused infertility. The Columbia University Medical Center resumed where Bristol-Meyers had suspended a drug that was supposed to cure skin diseases, but it turned out to be a testicular toxin. The University of Kansas Medical Center has already proposed an FDA-approved male contraceptive pill called gamendazole, derived from an anti-cancer drug. Understanding how these side effects reduce fertility paves the way for a group of male birth control options. Although many of the possible male contraceptives have been discovered by accident, John K Amory, MD, who is currently doing research at the University of Washington, says there is a great need for contraception additional He believes that men are excited about not having to depend on condoms or vasectomies. Marriage and family therapy Rachel Sussman believes that just as the pill liberated women in the 1960s, men can find the same freedom of control. -Sandman has heard too often the terror story of his male patients and believes that an important benefit would be: “They would never receive this phone call”, do you remember me? I’m your ex-girlfriend. Well, now we have a baby together. Some of the male contraceptive methods evaluated work in the same way as the pill and use hormones to prevent pregnancy. “Most of the time, proven approaches in clinical trials in humans have used hormones such as testosterone to suppress sperm production,” says Dr. Armory. “This approach leads to an increase in weight, more muscle than fat, and some increase in libido, but no obvious adverse effect on mood.” RESEARCH: Committed men feel less attracted to fertile women. But the biggest question is, men? For some, the social side effects, feeling less like a man, can be hard to swallow. Happily married, David *, 37, commented: “Whether it’s about laziness or an underestimation of sexual stereotypes, I’d rather leave that to the woman.” Or, like Dean, 42, says: “Take the pill, that seems a bit like you’re not wearing pants.” While some men are concerned about how a contraceptive pill illuminates their masculinity, there are also women who are afraid to depend on it. a boy for the protection of pregnancy Julie, 28, admits: “I would never trust a man with contraceptive methods I could not see”, while Andrea, 31, worries about her husband’s ability to handle the Responsibility. “She can not even take her allergy pill regularly,” she says. “So it’s probably best that I covered it in our relationship.”

However, Sandra England, Ph.D., a sociologist specializing in gender research at Stanford University, points out that the fear of being dependent on men for contraception “is analogous to the risk men are now facing in which a woman she can say she takes the pill, but she is not really or always is, each sex is at the mercy of the other.For men who plan to perform a vasectomy Taking a pill or getting an injection may be a much more attractive option than surgery. “New dad Brandon, 36, who is currently reviewing his options, said,” Let’s face it, who prefer to have a procedure that to take a pill? “Single 25-year-old Adam currently depends on condoms, but would prefer an unbreakable alternative While he fears male birth control may lower testosterone levels or insurance companies no longer covered, he says: “If these two variables are favorable, then I can certainly see that male birth control is becoming extremely popular. “It will be years before men decide to take a male contraceptive pill or continue with proven methods, such as condoms or vasectomies.Although the rumor has already begun to spread, Dr. Amory believes he five years or more before a male contraceptive is launched QUIZ: What is the relationship style? And then the fight against contraception would start culturally Sussman believes it would be a difficult battle that depends on a campaign strong marketing that has lasted for many years. “Then, slowly but surely, he would catch up,” she says.Although, Sussman also argues that the future of birth control would still be in the hands of women. : “If women really got together and told men to use contraception, that everyone needed contraception, I think it would be great. for the company. “* The names have changed

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