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This Just In: Have Sexy Dreams By Sleeping On Your Stomach

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Why the heck do we dream anyhow? There’s a massive body of lit on this topic. But Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, author of a brand-new research study on why some of us have sexier sleep cycles than others, believes our dreams have more to do with the positions we sleep in than any unconscious impulses Freud and co. suggested.

The Research study.
Yu hired 670 undergrads registered in a Hong Kong University to fill out a Huge 5 character stock. Each trainee was examined on how neurotic, extraverted, available to experience, and agreeable they were– as well as how defensive they became in different social scenarios. Yu then logged the styles– losing teeth, having to pee, being trapped, falling, flying, or doing something mischievous– that ran through trainees’ minds. He then tallied how frequently students said they slept on their backs, stomachs, or sides.

Four hundred and seventy six of these dreamers stated they had only one favored sleeping posture. Just 5 percent said their one and only sweet sleep area was face down. This thin piece of face-down sleepers likewise reported dreaming more clearly, intensely, and erotically than one-side-only or several position-preferring sleepers. Previous research study into the method we sleep found that peeps with a choice to snooze on their ideal sides have fewer problems than left-leaning sleepers. Besides that, individuals who smush their faces into a pillow during resting hours do not tend to awaken so delighted.

Yu believes the physical feelings felt by our nether regions whilst sleeping on our stubborn bellies explains the more stimulating over night experience belly-sleepers report. Generally, the method a person sleeps triggers certain somatic or sensory excitations, Yu wrote in a paper he released in the journal “Dreaming.” Sleeping on one’s genital areas, for example, will in theory help build a sexier dream because that location receives stimulus by the sleeping position.

Can We Trust It?
Yu acknowledges self-reports of sleep positions should be taken with a grain of salt– none of the students were filmed as they slept, so their nighttime positions might be a bit different from what they presume. But throughout the board, personality traits and degree of defensiveness in social circumstances didn’t have a considerable impact on dream material or intensity of sexiness throughout sleep. Whether participants recalled sleeping on their stomaches was the greatest predictor of whether they likewise remembered dreaming on the dirty side.

The Takeaway.
No matter how extroverted, shy, unstable, or stiff we might be, passing out prone might be our secret to more, um, “promoting” sleep cycles.

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