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Why guys love sex a lot more than ladies

Reasons you think your man is addicted to sex

FOR many couples, a new romantic relationship generally comes with a high sex drive and you can not get enough of each other. But for Lisa Webb *, the honeymoon never ever ended. Instead, a year into her relationship, she finds herself dealing with a strange sexual problem. “My man is obsessed with sex,” she complains. “It doesn’t matter what’s taking place– your job, due dates, returning home after a night out, being on my period and even me being tired – he still needs it all the time.”


According to social psychologist, Roy Baumeister, it’s expected that your man will have a libido higher than yours. Through a study observing sexual practices in between males and women, he asserts that guys are more sexual than females. “Most guys under 65 think of sex at least once or more times a day. Only about one-quarter of females say they consider it that often. As males and females age, each fantasies less, but men still dreams about two times as often,” he states, adding, “Guys want sex more frequently than women at the start of a romantic relationship, in the middle of it and after several years of it.”


Psychotherapist, Esther Peral, says the factor men seem obsessed with sex is that they experience it in a different way from females. “For women, it is much more concerning the expectancy as well as just how you arrive. It is the yearning that is the fuel for wish. Female’s wish is more split on sensation,” she said. “Individuals do not need to have practically as much creativity. That does not suggest guys don’t seek intimacy, love and connection in a romantic relationship. They just see the function of sex in a different way. Females want to talk initially, connect first, then make love. For guys, sex is the connection. Sex is the language men utilise to reveal their tender loving vulnerable side. It is their language of intimacy.”


Still, there is such a thing as being consumed with sex. Owen Radian of Association for the Treatment of Sexual Dependency and Compulsivity (ATSAC), describes that sexual obsession is a dependency which like all other types of addition, such as gambling, alcohol or drugs, it is a disease. It’s a significantly normal condition that is wrecking lives comparable to worsen addictions do,” he said. “Individuals with reduced sex drive get addicted to sex as well and it’s not almost watching extreme porn, it consists of any type of kind of unmanageable sexual activity such as compulsively engaging in prostitution, social networks driven hook-ups, exhibitionism (exposing parts of your body publicly), masturbation, serial affairs and repetitively often visiting sex environments such as strip clubs and sex stores.”


The following could be signs that he is addicted:

¦ An unhealthy love of pornography that’s mainly watched in secret.
¦ Many sex addicts still masturbate even after sexual intercourse.
¦ He’s incredibly positive sexually and sometimes slightly aggressive.
¦ He becomes very angry and uptight if you withhold sex when he requires it.

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