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Why Masturbation Is Good for You (And How to Can Do It Better)

The sex-life you have with yourself is just as vital as the one you have with your spouse. Yes, we are referring to masturbation, self-love, getting hands-on, (DIY sex)— what ever you call it, know this: More than half of females ages 18-50 report masturbating within the past 3 months, according to the results of a study led by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

“The secret to having abundant sex is knowing your body, and masturbating is one way to learn what turns you on,” says Greer, Ph.D., a sex and marriage counselor and author of “What About Me? .” “Plus, you can include what you have discovered into your sex life with your spouse.”

Here’s some of the numerous reasons why masturbation is absolutely good for you:

Masturbation enhances your sex life. Let us be clear, masturbation is not only for singles. Plenty females participate masturbate to complement their existing sex lives, according to a study directed by the University of Washington. Call it bedroom upkeep. “Sex begets sex,” says Sat Kurek, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist and marriage and family counsellor. “The more often a lady is sexually stimulated—even by herself—the more probable she is to not only want more sex with a lover, but also be more—orgasmic when she does.”

It comes with health incentives. For some women, the only way they can achieve climax is by masturbating. Clearly, orgasms feel incredible, but they also offer a lot of health benefits. For instance, they are a stress-reliever and mood-booster. They can also stop headaches, according to research published in the journal Cephalalgia. This may be thanks to a bout of neurotransmitters such as endorphins and the hormone estrogen that are produced post-orgasm. Yes, orgasms are simply a pain—protector: Famous sex researcher Beverly Whipple found that a woman’s pain threshold spiked by nearly 75% after climaxing through masturbation.

Masturbation can help you fall asleep quicker. Masturbation can be a convenient—if you’ll pardon the pun sleep aid, which likely comes as no surprise to anybody who has ever climaxed and then dozed off. That’s because the chemical prolactin is produced after orgasm and has been linked to sleep. As a matter of fact, 32% of females squeeze in a solo sex session when they are can’t sleep so they can quickly fall asleep.

It can improve the health of your hair. Each hair gland has a blood vessel to it, and your blood flow is a key determinate of both inter and outer beauty. More blood flow through a self-love induced orgasm means you are nourishing your hair. Now that you know some of the benefits of Masturbation, here is how to make the most of your “alone time”:

Set the stage. Just like sex with others, getting in the mood for self-love is important. That is because when your brain is disorderly (Did I feed the cat? Lock the main door?), arousal dissipates. So, do whatever it takes to relax. “Take deep breaths, put your phone on silent, turn off the lights, play some music—whatever to involve your senses,” says W.Walsh, Ph.D., and author of “30-Day Love Detox.” “You can even have a glass of wine to relax, just limit yourself.”

Create a sexual signature. You have a favourite that always works for you, right? Having a go-to move when masturbating serves the same purpose. To find it, try with fast or slow strokes, soft and firm pressure, or movement, like circles or figure-eights. You may also keep your underwear on for an additional layer of friction or throw them off for moredirect stimulation. Then remember to take deep breaths when you are about to orgasm. Also breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth helps oxygenate your body to make more blood flow and involves the nervous system, which is responsible for the sexual response cycle.

Add some props. During masturbation, the average female needs about four minutes of stimulation before reaching her peak, according to researchers at NYC. If it takes you much longer and you would like to hurry things up, there’s no lack of gadgets and toys to help. Choose a vibrator with adaptable speed settings so you can let pleasure start slowly or go furiously fast. Other ideas: “Some use pillows or masturbate in the shower using water pressure,” says Greer. “It is all about getting creative with your pleasure.”

Share the love. Guys are visual creatures, so another way to jazz up your sex life is by giving yourself a hand during sex. If you are feeling a little conscious about touching yourself in front of your spouse, know this: Though the reason is unclear, people who concentrate on their own pleasure during sex have more fulfilled partners, according to research from Swantlen Polytechnic University. One likely reason, says Walsh who is not linked to the study, is that confidence is sexy. “Pleasing yourself in front of your spouse shows you’re comfortable with your body and that takes some nerve,” she says. Want to learn more fascinating facts about your vagina?

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