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Why You Should Have Sex Today at 3pm

Sex in relationships mostly happens either at the spur of the moment – when the timing is right and mood allows it, or at a planned time – if one or both of you have got very busy schedules. Usually, those times don’t have anything to do with any scientific backing or reasoning. However, based on scientific facts that might change. In fact, in keeping with secretion professional and author of “Woman-Code”, Vitti Alisa, there specific times of the day that women are a lot “ready” for sex thus making it the best times of the day for the both of you to get in to it. What time of the day is this? 3pm to be precise…

If you’re curious what hormones have to do with it, the answer is a little more than that. Hormones have everything to do with sex. It influences your mood, your willingness to engage in sex, and your energy to initiate. However, hormones vary throughout the day. For women, the time of day when it seems to peak is 3pm. This is when the cortisol hormone peaks conveyance with it a sensational feeling of energy and sharpness. As for men, during this time of day once their estrogen levels are high they become more emotionally present throughout sex. This is an ideal time to deepen the bond with your partner while enjoying a very satisfying sexual experience.

So make sure you try it out. Do what ever you can to have sex at 3pm more often, however if that’s not a good time for the both of you, there’s another ideal time to have sex…early to mid-morning. This is when men’s testosterone is at a very high level, they will be more likely to perform sexually at peak performance.

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