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Your Money & Sex Life Have A lot In Common

Scientists from the AngliaRuskin Uni led a study in which they observed the effects of adult sexual activity on salaries, and the results were surprising. The website MindBodyGreen states that statistics were compiled from 8,600 Greek citizens concentrating on a association between work salaries and the frequency of sexual activity. “The central hypothesis responsible for this study is that sexual activity, similar health pointers and mental well-being, might be thought of as part of a person’s set of productive behaviours that affect earnings,” the team stated.

The Daily Beast explains, the psychological concept Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs backs this study in it’s claims that is that individuals with a higher sex rate will experience cheerfulness, which leads to productivity in the workplace thus higher earnings. People desire to be loved, sexual and non-sexual, by others. Absenteeism of these elements, people might become inclined to loneliness, social nervousness and misery—all aspects that can disturb their working life.

The University’s discoveries backed this theory, and indicated that those who have intercourse 2 or 3 times a week make 5% more than their co-workers who are not getting sex enough if any. Not to mention, their results exposed that guys who were not having sex at all actually received 1.1% less than guys who were.

Further research found that results showed the same for both heterosexual sex and homosexual sex.

Even though more sex will not suddenly make you richer. But it’s still nice to know that the benefits of a good sex session scope outside just a happy relationship.

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